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Status: In Production
Model: Digital Servos

General Description: 

  • Digital Servo adopt a quartz crystal controlled microprocessor and FET amplifiers. 
  • The biggest feature is the digital servo input signal processing method: can be well controlled servo motors initial current, reducing non-reaction zone (no response to small signal control area), increased resolution, greater fixed force, adapt to different functional requirements, optimize application performance servos. 
  • Digital servos up to 300Hz-560Hz frequency power pulses sent to the motor. Higher than conventional analog servo frequency of 50Hz, each power pulse width is reduced, the motor excitation signal receiving more at the same time, the faster rotation. 
  • In order to optimize and reflect digital servo power pulse, our digital servo choice is Coreless motors and brushless motors. This allows us to achieve higher accuracy on the servo performance, smaller non-reaction zone, more accurate positioning; achieve faster control response of the control, faster acceleration, more torque average, greater fixing strength .

Typical applications:

  • Plane control surface actuation 
  • Helicopter Swash-plate control 
  • Helicopter Tail rudder control 
  • Throttle control 
  • Car rudder control
  • Boat rudder control
  • Robotics
  • Automation 
  • First Person View 
  • Wide angle stroke of rotation