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Affirm  LONGTAI sales of all products are specializing in the production of qualified through rigorous testing. All products indicated BLUEARROW trademarks with the performance quality of the the licensed OEM product trademarks.

Maintenance warranty  

As long as you choose our products ,then you can enjoy our warranty for maintenance, you can whether you are in any country or region.,please print a warranty application form (PDF, WordDoc, HTML), please fill out complete,so that our staff can confirm replacement or repair with you.

Warranty Period  

The warranty period for all the products is two years (with the exception of the special agreement). This period is from the date whenever you buy. We will repair for free or make replacement after testing. In order to ensure that you can enjoy this treatment, we ask you to reserve the purchase invoices and BlueArrow trademark.

Warranty scope

Warranty scope covers all the non-performing products. But not including the damages such as force majeure, wrong use,beyond the use scope, without reading manuals carefully , and performance changes caused by inappropriate and self-assembly.

Warranty time    

Generally ,we can send you within 30 days after we receive your products, but may be subject to the inventory of product components,and not delivered on time, please keep in touch with us in time .


We recognized the order by e-mail. Please confirm with us in time when you send out the e-mail,because we may fail to receive due to some unexpected reasons . We will contact with you by e-mail ,and inform you the production and delivery information After the delivery ,also we will tell you the tracking number.

private policy

Your privacy is very important for us. Provide us with your company or your personal information is based on your trust, we will protect all the information you provided in a responsible manner. We will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy. When you provide us with your order information, we will take reasonable security measures to protect them, except in accordance with the law or the mandatory provisions. Before you get permission before. We will let out any information to any third parties (including individuals and companies).

Secrecy and Anti-fake

We have taken strict security measures for all our products ,and ensure that no leakage of technology ,also ensure our product performance and quality, but we can not guarantee that our product was not be counterfeited. Of course, in this case we will protect with the appropriate legal clauses.