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Status: In Production
Model: Brushless Servos

General Description: 

  • BLS Servos use a brushless DC motor. Because brushless DC motor steady state speed error is small, wide speed, small size, high efficiency significantly. 
  • Commutated brushless motor with a brush is removed, eliminating the arc generated when the motor is running to significantly reduce the interference to the radio equipment. 
  • Brushless motors using non-contact electronic commutation, run smoothly, low noise, is a maintenance-free motor life of up to tens of thousands of hours. 
  • However, the low-speed torque brushless motor performance is worse than the brush motor, brush motor torque is better big. To this end, our engineers selected a variety of brushless motor configuration, low power consumption, energy saving configurations; high power, high-speed, high-torque configuration. The configuration of each of the BLS Servos for different needs of different users to choose.

Typical applications:              

  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Plane Aileron and Flap control surface actuation 
  • Plane rudder control 
  • Helicopter Swash-plate control 
  • Helicopter Tail rudder control 
  • Throttle control 
  • Car rudder control
  • Boat rudder control
  • Robotics
  • Automation 
  • First Person View
  • Wide angle stroke of rotation


Control System: PWM Pulse Width Control
Processor: Digital IC
Required Pulse: 0 to 0 V Peak to Peak Square Wave
Working frequence: 0 μs /0 μs
Rotation: Left Rotation: 180°, Right Rotation: 180°
Voltage: 0.0V to 0.0V
Temperature Range: 0℃ to 0℃
Driver Type:
Operating Angle: 0 Deg. one side pulse traveling 0μs
Direction: Clockwise/Pulse Traveling 0μs-0μs
Pulse Width Scope: 0-0μs
Neutral pulse: 1500μs
Speed:(No-load ): 0.00sec/ 40° @ 3.3V
0.00sec/ 40° @ 3.3V
Torque:(Stall Full load): 0.00 kg . cm @ 3.3V
0.00 kg . cm @ 3.3V
Idle Current: 0.30 A/ 3.3V 0.30 A/ 3.3V
Running Current: 0.30 A/ 3.3V 0.30 A/ 3.3V
Stall Current: 0.30 A/ 3.3V 0.30 A/ 3.3V
Motor Type:
Bearings: POM Bearing
Bearing Type:
Gear Material: Chrome-Titanium alloy(7075+6061)
Servo case: Aluminum Radiator
Connector Wire Length: 0.00 cm
Connector Wire SPEC: OD0.8mm/16 x 0.08mm 3p x 160mm (JR)
Weight: 0.00 g
Dimensions (L x W x H): 0.00*0.00*0.00 mm