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Ultra Wide Angle / FPV Servos

     Gemeral Description:

These years, more and more enthusiasts like to play FPV.FPV (First Person View) is a new play based on RC airplane or car model equipped with wireless camera, then control the RC airplane by look at the screen on the ground.Now FPV players are very much. By simple modification, RC airplanes can be used for FPV.Now we will introduce the high quality servo special for FPV to you.First of all, we will know what kind of servo is Suitable for aerial camera. Are the all servos on the market Suitable for FPV?Contrary to the R/C servo, aerial camera servo is dedicated. The servo must to be: run delicate, smooth, dead zone is small, high precision.Maybe you will say, I use the robot servo. This servo can run 180°. Yes, robot servo can run 180°, but the robot servo’s pulse is different. The pulse of robot servo is from 500μs-2500μs. RC servo’s pulse is from 900μs-2100μs. So common RC transmitter can not control or can not reach 180°. Unless you are a master of programming, you can write the control program yourself. It is impossible for most lovers.Now you can see, you must choose the special FPV servo.


  • Processor: MI Digital Control Design
  • Control System: PWM Pulse Width Control
  • Rotation angle sensor: Magnetic Induction
  • Motor: Long life Coreless .
  • Plus: 900µs --2100µs (Middle pluse: 1500µs).
  • Controlled angle: 120°/150°/180° or 330° travel.
  • Mechanical deadband: 0.5°.
  • Electrical deadband: 1-2µs.
  • Gear: 7075 Aluminum alloy with Titanium coating on surface.
  • Middle case: Aluminum alloy.

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