patented technology

BLS--Digital Brushless

General Description: 

  • BLS Servos use a brushless DC motor. Because brushless DC motor steady state speed error is small, wide speed, small size, high efficiency significantly. 
  • Commutated brushless motor with a brush is removed, eliminating the arc generated when the motor is running to significantly reduce the interference to the radio equipment. 
  • Brushless motors using non-contact electronic commutation, run smoothly, low noise, is a maintenance-free motor life of up to tens of thousands of hours. 
  • However, the low-speed torque brushless motor performance is worse than the brush motor, brush motor torque is better big. To this end, our engineers selected a variety of brushless motor configuration, low power consumption, energy saving configurations; high power, high-speed, high-torque configuration. The configuration of each of the BLS Servos for different needs of different users to choose.

Typical applications:                                                                                           

  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Plane Aileron and Flap control surface actuation 
  • Plane rudder control 
  • Helicopter Swash-plate control
  • Helicopter Tail rudder control
  • Throttle control 
  • Car rudder control
  • Boat rudder control
  • Robotics
  • Automation 
  • First Person View
  • Wide angle stroke of rotation

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