Ultra-Micro Digital Servos

 Key Features   

  • Digital amplifier for superior accuracy, response and holding torque
  • High speed, for quick control response
  • Precise centering - less than 0.5°
  • Lightweight
  • Coreless Motor
  • Can be setcertain models
  • Anti-high-frequency interferencecertain models
  • Aviation aluminum-magnesium alloy composite gear setcertain models
  • POM composite gear setcertain models


  • electric indoor sub-micro flyers,
  • slow flyers,
  • small park flyers,
  • high-performance 3D models,
  • sub-micro electric helicopters,
  • hand launch gliders DLG HLG.
  • Micro-network camera components.
  • Miniature infrared night vision components.
  • Other applications.
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