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Status: In Production
Model: Analog Servos

General Description: 

  • Analog servos by a DC motor, controller (IC), the reduction gear and a feedback potentiometer composition, which is received by the control chip period of 20ms, the 1 ~ 2 ms PWM pulse width of the square wave form of the control pulse driving signal to drive the motor at position output changes, stops.
  • Compared to analog servo digital servo is "antique", analog servos still let us memorable advantages.
  • 6 times the digital servo to correct the frequency of the motor, which increases the overall power consumption, while the analog relative to energy saving.
  • Analog servos than digital servos long life. Digital servo motor always "Squeak, squeak" sound made amendments, which increases the consumption of motors and other rotating parts. The analog servo is "quiet" and "peaceful" and more.
  • While the analog servo of non-reaction zone should be large, but the accuracy is not high on some models, you really do not need such a high accuracy. "Slow" is safe, "novice", the most suitable analog servo, not just low prices.
  • We believe that the precision of the steering gear, in fact, not entirely decided by the circuit, it is with the gear precision potentiometers key related. One high-quality analog servo and sometimes more accurate than digital servos, but will not shake the rudder.

Typical applications:

  • Trainer plane rudder motion control
  • Exercise helicopter rudder control
  • Ordinary Cars rudder control
  • Boats sail surface, rudder control
  • Rudder control the entry-level model aircraft, model car, ship model
  • Other means for position control generally requires
  • Control device toys