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Status: In Production
Model: MI Servos

General Description:

  • As we all know, modern servos running accuracy, resolution, and life and so there is a direct relationship with the potentiometer, our engineers think: with a non-contact and wear-free magnetic encoder replace potentiometers, will resolve decades precision servo operation changes poor linearity difficulties. We canceled the traditional steering gear has been used for a hundred years (1877 invention) mechanical potentiometer, which makes steering gear immediately with no wear, long life, high linearity, high accuracy, high reliability and immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI ) characteristics.
  • Because there is no protection in the steering gear within the setting of the potentiometer trip block, which can be rotated 360〫  at no load, can also be set to run an effective angle of 360〫  as needed, when the output shaft runs beyond the limit, avoid and reduced damage to the gear set.
  • Magnetic Induction digital servos because it is non-contact sensor, it's gyrus accuracy theory is "zero." Because it has no physical error potentiometer, so it has the highest running accuracy of consistency.
  • Magnetic Induction digital servos, is cross-age modern steering gear works.

Typical applications:

  • Helicopter Swash-plate rudder control                              
  • Plane Aileron and Flap control surface actuation   
  • Helicopter Tail rudder control                            
  • Car Direction rudder control                 
  • Throttle control                     
  • Robotics                               
  • Automation                           
  • First Person View                   
  • Wide angle stroke of rotation