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360° N-ROLL Servos

Digital N-RoLL Free Rotation Servos 360º Continuous Rotation

General Description: 

  • Standard servo output shaft can rotate a limited angle, with the UAV aerial application, standard steering angle and rotation limited number of laps has been difficult to meet their needs. 
  • Suppose you need to shoot a group of such lenses: flying just above the lens from a distance of nearly themes and flying theme, and then fly away, the whole process, the camera is always at the subject topic. Shooting theme could be a tree, or a person, or a car, which requires the pitch axis has reached close to 180 degrees range of motion. If the reduction ratio is still 10: 1, then the servo output shaft to rotate the 1800 level, which is to rotate at least five laps, standard steering gear apparently powerless! Another example is the continuous rotation of the screen aerial shot or continuous roll screen rotation angle standard servos is powerless. You might say, to close steering wheel can turn up to 6 laps, to meet this application. However, there are a few close-wheel steering characteristics can not completely meet the needs of these applications. Turn the steering wheel in the closing laps still is limited, if you need to rotate continuously limited number of turns; closing steering wheel rotational speed, is played by manipulating the joystick lever speed control, which causes rotation uneven speed. Such as from 0 to 1800 degrees, the speed of the entire operation, is hit by the lowest pole pole when even putting up manipulators to control, it is hard to guarantee a uniform speed can hit the lever! 
  • So, you need a specially designed N-RoLL freely rotating multi-turn rotary servo.


N-RoLL360 ° the multiturn rotary freedom is designed to control the servo PTZ free rotation, it does not limit the number of turns of rotation, the more important it is to uniformly control the rotational speed, the slow can be very slow, can be extremely fast fast rate of change is linear homogeneous. N-Roll freedom rotation servos, with the following features to meet the needs of aerial PTZ control:

  • Unlimited rotation number can be positive turn, can be reversed, the direction of rotation can be readily converted .
  • Can even control the rotational speed and linear control .

N-Roll freedom of rotation the multiturn rotary servo, so that we have more dollars PTZ control function, certainly make aerial work your creativity!


15kg-cm 0.10sec/60° 7.4V 57g 360° N-ROLL
15kg-cm 0.10sec/60° 7.4V 57g 360° N-ROLL